Finishing Touch specializes in roof and siding install,
repair and replacement. Your roof is the most important
element of your house. Sometimes problems in the
roof can pop up at the most inopportune time and
cause thousands of dollars in damage. If you are
concerned about the age or appearance of your roof,
please give us a call for a "no obligation" free roof
inspection and analysis. If it is determined that you
need repairs or replacement, we will work closely
within your budget to make sure you get the best value
for your money and the attention to detail you deserve.
When Finishing Touch inspects your roof, we don't just
send a guy in overalls up on your roof to stomp around
looking for bad spots.

We perform a thorough inspection of your roof
  •        Inspect metal valleys
  •        Inspect stability of the shingles
  •        Check for brittle , curling or split shingles
  •        Inspect for proper attic ventilation
  •        Inspect attic intake vents
  •        Inspect all skylights or solar panels for proper seal
  •        Check chimney structure  for deterioration
  •        Check for sag in roof line or walls pushed out.
  •        Check ridge cap for problems
  •        Check for potential problems with underlayment
  •        Note any weather damage
Call us today for a free
inspection and consultation

The exterior appearance of your home or business gives an important
Finishing Touch can help you improve this appearance by repairing
old faded or cracked siding with new vinyl siding, or by repairing,
replacing or cleaning any type of siding on your home or business.
Finishing Touch can install
  • Vinyl siding in many styles and colors to match your taste.
  • Cedar Shingles
  • Aluminum Siding
  • Steel siding
  • Stone or imitation rock
  • Hardboard or wood siding
  • Brick